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Foreclosure Defense

The Law Offices of Nathan Pinkhasov, PLLC protects the interests of the homeowner by defending them against banks, investors and serving companies.  We litigate all aspects of foreclosure proceedings (i.e. defective foreclosure lawsuit and mortgages, predatory lending), attend foreclosure court conferences and process mortgage modifications.

We recommend that you the follow our advice:

  • Have an Attorney Answer the Legal Documents  When you are served with an action for foreclosure it is imperative that you or your attorney prepare an Answer to the Foreclosure Complaint that was served upon you.  The failure to do so can have a devastating effect on your case.  In addition, make sure all available defenses are invoked (i.e. standing, predatory lending)
  • Court Appearances are a must.  If you have been summoned by the Court make sure you appear and preferably with an attorney.  The Mandatory Foreclosure Settlement Conferences are a good opportunity for the homeowner and bank to discuss all options to prevent a foreclosure including a loan modification.
  • Be prepared with all required documentation.  If the Court directs productions of document such as tax returns, paystubs, utility bills, leases, 4506T, or any other set of documents it is imperative you do so by the required dates.

Please contact our office as soon as you can as time may not be on your side.